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We are proud to announce that starting from 10th November 2006, our company is opening its Training Academy for cleaning operatives.

Our Training Academy is fully equipped and is located in Prishtina - Dardania Street. The reason why we have decided to open this Training Centre is to train cleaning operatives that work for our company as well as for others in all aspects of cleaning skills which we accredit with UNI-PROJECT Training Academy Certificate of qualification 1 and 2 which is equivalent with BISC (British Institute of Cleaning Science) Level 1 and 2.

Also our newly refurbished premises are certified to train BICS.

All the training that is done in training centre is reinforced with “on the job” coaching backed by the Cleaning Supervisors of the respective buildings.

Overall, training is crucial aspect for performing day to day operations as we also believe that it plays a crucial part in developing well skilled and highly motivated staff.

We believe that well trained individuals perform at exceptionally high levels and are valued and rewarded for the contribution that they make to the success of the business.
  Citizens Service  



  UNI PROJECT has just introduced a new
service in the market, which is “Citizens Service”. We intend through this service to offer the citizens of Prishtina various technical services.

This service comes as an answer to the big requirements of the citizens of Prishtina for solving of their technical problems in their places.


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