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It All Starts With Design

The biggest concern to someone undertaking a renovation is whether the contractor understands the vision. UNI-PROJECT appreciates this and has developed a process to take a client through a detailed design description from conceptual design to preliminary design, right through to the completion of working drawings.

Our design team includes the client at every stage. We begin by taking your vision, wish list and budget range with a teamwork approach to a design concept. Each design phase will be accomplished by ensuring these elements are met and approved, complete with specifications.

Clear and Constant Communication is the
Glue that Keeps it all Together

Communication is one of the key aspects to the success of any renovation project.
UNI-PROJECT keeps the line of communication open and ongoing, and is accomplished by:

· Regular site meetings with site supervisor, client and project manager.
· Email as a valuable tool that assists in confirming trade scheduling, fixture choices, and general communication.
· Our interactive website that is available to our present clients who wish to communicate over the internet.
· Our business hours that offer flexible telephone communication to accommodate our clients' needs.

It is Important to Design Towards a Budget

In order to assist the client in their budgeting, we provide a two tiered estimating system, if required.

Until a complete set of working drawings are complete, it is difficult to give a firm quotation for a project. UNI-PROJECT will provide a rough estimate range based on criteria provided by the client, and site visit. This range will assist the client in securing their financial requirements prior to the start of production.

Once working drawings are complete, UNI-PROJECT will provide a firm construction quote that will include all aspects of the renovation project, and no hidden costs.

Our Commitment to Quality is Paramount

UNI-PROJECT produces quality and efficiency by applying our systems to ensure an enjoyable renovation experience.

Clients will receive a Timeline outlining the project from start to completion, and will be able to follow and understand the various aspects of their project.

Clients will receive Scheduling and Selection sheets that details when finishes are required, and options of various suppliers and their showrooms to choose from.

UNI-PROJECT 's production team is supplied with all the information needed to carry out the project thoroughly, and UNI-PROJECT 's respected relationship with its' suppliers and subcontractors allows for seamless scheduling to be followed as proposed.

You Can Always Get What You Want

Within our fair and detailed renovation agreement, we outline and provide a 2 year warranty on all of our projects, providing our clients with peace of mind that we are there for them.

We carry Liability Insurance on all projects.

UNI-PROJECT's entire workforce is covered under Workers' Safety Insurance.

We provide a detailed punch list that includes scheduled dates for completion, which provides our client satisfaction of knowing that the "little things" are not forgotten.




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