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With such a broad range of experience, you can be confident that the necessary expertise for any or all of your cleaning needs is available within the Cleaning Division of our company, from regular daily cleaning services...

Essential element to the success of any enterprise or organization is the faultless management maintenance and operation of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and electrical systems...


It is important for UNI PROJECT to understand clients vision. For easier performance, we have split the tasking into 5 steps:

* Design
* Communication
* Estimating
* Production
* Assurances


Our company offers professional projecting and supervising services for small and large buildings. In our company are working skilled and experienced architects and engineers that have experience in...

UNI PROJECT has sponsored all the painting of the Arabian kindergarden located in Prishtina...
This service is dedicated to the buildings that are equipped with structural (glass) facade and high rise buildings...

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