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UNI-PROJECT Integrated Services

UNI-PROJECT Integrated Services specialises in the design, development and delivery of bespoke Integrated Services solutions. UNI-PROJECT Integrated Services now operates a number of fully managed Integrated Services contracts ( without the cost of a full FM service ) in Kosova, into which a range of services are being provided and managed as an integrated contract with a single point of contact.

Innovation put to work

Our Integrated Services approach provides multiple support services delivered to the high standards you demand, yet at the same time achieving the cost-savings you desire.

With UNI-PROJECT Integrated Services you can combine any number of our individual services, from a complete facilities management to pest control, or any of our numerous capabilities. But whatever you choose, with UNI-PROJECT you can be confident that putting all your eggs in one basket will bring only benefits, not concerns.

We've made Integrated Services work by discarding traditional thinking and structuring our business to be ultra-efficient at every level. We've eliminated the multiple margins of sub-contracting, commonly referred to as margin on margin, and train our staff to be multi-skilled, as well as cutting-out the unnecessary administration that so often leads to increased costs.

Diverse Services

In forming the Integrated Services division we were able to recruit highly experienced personnel from the full spectrum of services that we provide.

Whilst our range of services may be impressive, just as beneficial is the way that they can be combined, scaled and designed to each customer for total flexibility.

Our range of services includes:

Building Maintenance
Cleaning (Offices, Windows & Specialist)
Dust Control Mats (Rental & Refurbishment)
Facilities Management
Horticulture (Landscaping, Grounds Care & Internal Plant Displays)
Lighting & Maintenance
Mechanical & Electrical Maintenance
Space Planning & Architectural Services (AutoCAD, ArchiCAD)
Waste & Recycling Management

Dedicated Management

Our management structure benefits from highly experienced and highly motivated individuals, primarily recruited within UNI-PROJECT . A dedicated Account Manager or Director is appointed to each customer to co-ordinate our on-site teams and provide a single point of contact at all times. They are committed to the Integrated Services approach and maintaining the high standards that the market place has come to expect.

As part of our strict quality control monitoring we keep detailed management information and are able to provide necessary reports in line with our pre-determined Service Level Agreements. Our dedicated Account Managers also provide continuity and, over time, they develop an understanding and appreciation of your organization's individual requirements that is second to none.

Our team of Integrated Services Management Consultants apply the most effective and creative mix of people, process and technology to design modified solutions which offer distinct business advantages and benefits in terms of operational efficiencies and financial savings.

Multi-skilled Approach in Integrated Services

Multi-skilling allows us to operate more effectively using fewer personnel - a saving that's passed on directly to our customers and a major benefit of our Integrated Services approach.

Our training involves changing our staff's perceptions of their roles within each contract. They are encouraged to undertake tasks that are within their capability, yet may previously have been outside of their remit, whilst ensuring that primary roles are not undermined. Instead of simply increasing an individual's workload, correctly implemented, multi-skilling provides staff with greater opportunities and fosters a real sense of team spirit.

Developing a multi skilled team provides cover and relief for both planned and unplanned absence, as well as ensuring a prompt response to any problems or requirements as it effectively removes waiting time for resolution.

Quality Control

The UNI-PROJECT quality management system is the backbone of the Quality Plan which sets out the processes and procedures that determine how the services would be organized and planned.

Integrated Services look not only to achieve, but wherever possible, to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients both in terms of quality and efficiency. This is accomplished by working very closely with our clients to fully understand their business/organizational needs and to then deliver the appropriate services to predetermined Service level Agreements.

  Citizens Service  

UNI PROJECT has just launched its new service called "Citizens Service"

Types of Services that are included in the "Citizens Service" contain:

Water&sewage maintenance
Electrical Maintenance


Clients benefit from this service since all the repairs are done within only 30minutes



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