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N.P.N.T. “UNI-PROJECT” was created for the purpose of providing cleaning, maintenance, renovation and projecting services in the Prishtina area. Very soon, thanks to the overall commitment of company's management and staff, UNI-PROJECT has been able to compete in Kosova's youngest and fastest growing industry (cleaning and maintenance services) along with many other local and international companies that operate in Kosova.

At present our company is providing its services to the most important institutions like Kosova Assembly, Government Ministries, UNMIK and many other organizations.

Our company offers its services in two methods:

First method is provision of cleaning and maintenance services “on regular” basis where all services provided are previously agreed between the costumer and the company and are clearly stated in the contract. Through this method the costumer benefits from various services that our company offers within the scope of the contract and in the end of each calendar month pays fixed amount of money for the services.

The second method is provision of services “on call” basis where the services are provided “on the call” of the costumer. Our company has managed to create a system of services where we'll be able to answer on the clients needs in a very short period of time.

All services provided by our company are designed to provide clients of the rendered buildings a pleasant working environment.


  Citizens Service  



  UNI PROJECT has just introduced a new
service in the market, which is “Citizens Service”. We intend through this service to offer the citizens of Prishtina various technical services.

This service comes as an answer to the big requirements of the citizens of Prishtina for solving of their technical problems in their places.




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