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Essential element to the success of any enterprise or organization is the faultless management, maintenance and operation of air conditioning, ventilation, heating and electrical systems. And more and more companies and organizations now rely on UNI-PROJECT.

Building Maintenance
UNI-PROJECT provides a skillful, flexible, affordable solution for the multi-facets associated with good property management.

This service is designed to meet the exact requirements of the client, providing direct access to the maintenance services that can be included in the contract data through an internet portal. The maintenance services that can be included are mechanical, electrical and technical services of any building.

This service can be delivered through either a pre planned visit by one of our mobile engineers or, where demands of the property exist, a permanent on site engineering presence.
Key maintenance service elements include:

- Air conditioning
- Ventilation
- Heating/Cooling
- Electrical Maintenance
- Lighting
- Carpentry
- Metalwork/Locksmith
- Masonry
- Painting
- Plumbing
- Generators
- Building Management Systems

The company offers its clients a full range of mechanical and electrical installation work ranging from a traditional installation through to full design and build.


  Citizens Service  

UNI PROJECT has just launched its new service called "Citizens Service"

Types of Services that are included in the "Citizens Service" contain:

Water&sewage maintenance
Electrical Maintenance


Clients benefit from this service since all the repairs are done within only 30minutes



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