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UNI PROJECT is a privately owned company which is established in 2001 and is based in Prishtina.

Its main activities are provision of:

*renovation, and
*projecting services

...for private and public buildings.

Based on its good work, professional staff and tools for completion of the works, UNI PROJECT has managed to win a reputation of a company that provides quality services, which has resulted on constant increase of its clientele throughout Kosova.

At present our company counts 273 employees with different professional background and it stretches throughout Kosova including some of the main cities such as Mitrovica, Peja, Prizren and Gjilan.

All our employees have been selected by an open job announcement, and have undergone through training process at our Training Centre (UNI PROJECT Training Academy) and have been positioned accordingly.

The technicians working for our company are very experienced. They have gained their professional experience locally and internationally. All employees are duly registered and have additional insurance. All possible damages suffered to a client are insured.

  Citizens Service  



  UNI PROJECT has just introduced a new
service in the market, which is “Citizens Service”. We intend through this service to offer the citizens of Prishtina various technical services.

This service comes as an answer to the big requirements of the citizens of Prishtina for solving of their technical problems in their places.




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